find your centre

Radiate further

find a home here while you roam, dear.

As a business model, it is NUCLEO’s goal to provide a safe, reliable home where good people can park, build, and/or lease affordable live-work spaces in an accommodating, respectful environment.

Digital Nomads, Buslifers, Landowners, Artists, Musicians, Designers, Influencers - Leave your number & let's talk possibilities.

NUCLEO is currently compiling a Board in order to apply for Not-For-Profit status.

This means your membership 'fees' will be a donation back into the surrounding towns' conservation efforts, maintenance of your daily facilities, & expanding the NUCLEO network - so you'll have more stunning locations to call home. 



If you're a digital nomad, living the tiny house life, converting a bus, or thinking of buying a van, you're cordially invited to join our membership program & have a real voice in our growth.


If you feel like you've just fallen down an alternative-universe wormhole & are curious as to what this movement is all about, we're excited to show you more & see what we can do together.


Land, time, or capital, we're offering an open invitation to any honest party to discuss investment.

Please note, NUCLEO considers itself an 'evergreen' company & is not looking to flip or sell on.


Glass ceilings are being shattered every day. We're looking for influencers with a voice for good to help share our story. We'll be happy to host you if you'd like to experience NUCLEO for yourself.

Musicians, teachers, motivators, instructors, open mic night-ers:

We've got a platform for you.

Let's collaborate, plan festivals, host forums, & work together to raise people's vibrations. 


Are you a designer or engineer who's developing prototypes? We'd love to provide the space & help you find supplies for whatever projects will make your creative dream a reality. Heck, we'll even tout your wares.